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Support a community built by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people. Your contribution fuels our mission and our founding team’s commitment to making a difference.

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A letter from us...


At ND Connect, we believe in the power of connection, mentorship, and community. Our mission is to create a nurturing and joyful space where neurodivergent people have the support they need to thrive and grow in the ways that matter to them.

We believe everyone deserves access to people who will champion them. But this isn’t the reality - especially when we have to move through a world not built for us in mind. Together, we can help people feel less isolated and truly know that they don’t have to do it alone, because they have a community they can count on.

Why your support matters

We as founders are neurodivergent ourselves and know the struggles and dreams that come with finding community. Having lived-experience-based mentorship and peer connections have and will continue to change our lives, and the lives of others. Your contributions make it possible for us to continue to work on this full time and put more of our energy into this project, which helps ensure its growth to meaningfully support neurodivergent communities.

Where does your money go?

Right now, your support will be going to helping our team cover our basic expenses like groceries and rent, so we can keep working on ND Connect full time. This is the main thing we need to continue to build and grow our platform so that it becomes a supportive resource for neurodivergent people.

To pay ourselves a living wage for our areas (Eliana and Peter are based in Toronto, Ontario and Jacob is based in Bellevue, Washington), we would need about $12,000 a month CAD or $9000 USD (what a wild conversion rate).

Working full time lets us...

  • Grow our community faster so essential resources, mentorship, and support are readily available to more people who need them
  • Save spoons so we’re not zombies in our day to day 🫠 🧟
  • Build out new features so this meets more neurodivergent people's needs and experiences
  • Provide more personal support and help people feel less alone
  • Get other sources of funding to make this sustainable in the long-term (it’s not sustainable right now), which helps this 1) exist and 2) hire more NDs in the long-term in good jobs that make them feel valued!

Thanks for helping us make sure everyone has a community of people that will champion them. We couldn’t do this without you, and genuinely, really appreciate you!


we’re committed as heck but also broke as heck… please contribute if you can so we can grow to support thousands or millions of NDs and avoid the horrors of the neurotypical job search

- Eliana, Jacob, and Peter

What our community has been saying

ND Connect is a pivotal tool and support system for 3 things: connecting with others like me, learning how to better advocate for myself, and planning for the future both professionally and personally.

- Candice Jurick

ND Connect’s an excellent new resource for neurodivergent people. I feel at home here and more so with myself!


I’m grateful for this community and the regular events help create positive authentic interactions that give me the social relationships to do what I need to do. This platform itself has been the best support honestly.

- Anonymous

I have been needing this all my life!

- Brittney Geary

I felt isolated and hopeless for years - all I’ve wanted is a community like this

- Anonymous

I learned about spoon theory from a mentor and wow!

- Anonymous

Help save Eliana and Jacob from the horrors of job searching 😱

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