What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that refers to the entire human range of cognitive diversity. Basically, different brains work and engage with the world differently - but some in more similar ways than others (i.e., neurotypes). There are a LOT of different neurotypes, but just some include:

Neurotypical Definition

Although every brain is different, a neurotypical person (NT) refers to somebody who has what we call the “majority” brain or, in other words, who’s brain profile is within the most common range of human neurology.  Because it’s the most common, it’s also the way that people generally expect you to think/behave in our society.

Neurodivergent Definition

A neurodivergent person (ND) would then be anyone who has a brain that falls outside of the most common range of human variation (i.e., any neurotype except neurotypical). ND people often have differences in how they socialize, learn, attend to information, regulate emotions, and/or process information, compared to NT people.

The Neurodiversity Movement

The neurodiversity movement is ultimately a human rights movement that stemmed from the autism rights movement and is now part of the broader disability rights and justice movements. The neurodiversity movement seeks to liberate people from social norms and systems that function as if there is one right way to think, behave, and exist. Instead, we believe that people with all different brain types should be accepted, valued, celebrated, and supported in our society.  

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