A supportive space for neurodivergent people to connect and grow

Find neurodivergent mentors, friends, and a genuine community that gets you and wants to help you thrive.


Whether you’re looking to grow in your professional life, personal life, or just meet cool people, ND Connect gives you access to a community who wants to share wisdom and connect authentically.

We believe in the power of community.


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Connect with people that share the lived experiences that matter to you.

A phone with two people's profiles abstracted. On the top is a black non-binary person wearing a face mask and leaning on a cane with a bubble saying 'I can help with... Learning about ADHD, Early stage entrepreneurship, and Learning about inclusive practices. On the bottom is a black non-binary person with pink hair and a fidget toy with a bubble saying 'I'm interested in... Accessibility/neuroinclusion, Adventures, hiking, and travel, and Psychology and research. Between them is a list of tags about their lived experience. Shared tags are highlighted in the middle and include 'student', 'black', 'non-binary', 'LGBTQ+', and 'ADHD'.

Community Chat

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We’re in this together. Ask questions, get advice, and bond over shared experiences in our community space.

A phone with three messages popping out of it. The first reads 'My boss told me that I need to stop having resting b**** face at work - help, what do I do?' and has 4 replies. The second reads 'I'm autistic and my partner is not so sometimes it feels like we just talk past each other. Has anyone worked through something similar?' and has 6 replies. The last reads 'OMG I found this non-foaming toothpaste and it's fixed my sensory issues with brushing my teeth - sharing in case it helps anyone else here' and it has 3 replies.


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Access fun monthly events with neurodivergent leaders designed to spark your curiosity and interesting conversations.

four tickets to neurodivergent-focused events including: ND-Friendly Goal Setting Party, Listening Party with AuDHD Artist, Indie Film Screening with the Neurodivergent Filmmakers, and Exploring Peer Support as a Career.


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Join weekly hangouts that help you meet organically and form relationships that can last a lifetime.

A phone with images of diverse community members in a zoom call. On the upper-left is a text bubble reading: 'You can join with your camera off and an initial for your name if that'd make you feel more comfortable'. On the lower-right is a text bubble reading: 'Stims, fidgets, tics, heat pads, and communicating through chat are fully embraced here.'

We're building a new type of digital space.

Our values make us different.

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a screenshot of the ND Connect team in a zoom call. Jacob, a white non-binary person wearing headphones, is in the top-left with the tags: 'autistic', 'non-binary', and 'LGBTQ'. Peter, an East-Asian man with short hair and glasses with a public train background, is in the top-right with the tags: 'neurodivergent' and 'East Asian'. Eliana, a white woman smiling and wearing a purple shirt, is on the bottom with the tags: 'woman', 'LGBTQ', and 'ADHD'.

Mentorship changes lives.

Wherever you are in your life, career, or neurodiversity journey, mentorship can help you grow

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Three linocut stamps of trees are in front of an airbrushed squiggly line fading through purple, purple, green, and yellow. The trees are arranged to show stages of growth, with a sapling on the left, a medium-sized tree in the middle, and a large mature tree on the right.

You belong here.